The Mirella Variations:generative paintings, whose forms are dictated by mathmatical behaviours. (2002)

A series of generative paintings, whose forms are dictated by mathmatical behaviours. The Mirella Variations by Stanza. It is inspired by a robot called Mirella. Robots have common behaviours, ie robots can follow a path (path following mode), the can avoid obstacles (avoidance mode), and they can operate in wander mode. The Mirella Variations all operate in the same way with just one script that is continually reworking the 'process', to create a different output; a different product or in this case a different artwork.

Full Description

INSTALLATION: To be projected on the walls in a gallery or architectural space.Also available for touch screens via a bespoke interface. There are actually 26 different works in this series each does it owns thing and its all built into one piece of software art.

EXHIBITION. If you want exhibit them get in touch. There is a higher resolution version for exhibition that is projected or shown on large plasma screens. This version is also available as a limited edition artwork.

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Artist Statement

The robots are wandering over the screen in general wander mode at differing speeds. The space in this case is the canvas. The cellular robot is in effect replaced with a series of 'brushes'‚ and it is these that are wandering around the screen. A series of actions are applied to the movement of the digital brush across the rectangular digital canvas to create these robotic generative paintings. This work was made in 2000 for the online version and re- worked, changing some colours and speeds for the touch screen in 2004

These artifacts range from organic to mechanistic. Each is abled to randomly branch, and some die and fade over time. Touching the screen enables newer branches to occur although this might not be evident.

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