The Bushwork (2006)

The George Bush executable, like the executive, is a downloadable exe runtime written in C#. The work requires that the user have the .NET runtime installed (and runs best on a PC... the only appropriate OS given the question). Originally released in 2003 as source code, it is now compiled for everday use. The program uses a simple system shell to provoke a user to contribute to a poll of the sitting American President. It favours a negative response. The work is politically charged and situationist. The console demnads a response, the world waits. Eric Dymond

Full Description

The George Bush work is a commentary on past media related interventions, arrests and conspracies. It is a heavy handed look at the cultural imperatives that led to a devastating event. Not for the gentle reader, but a long cold look at Americam Hegemony in the arts and the resulting aftermath. The work is politically charged and situationist.

Eric Dymond

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