Click-n-Drag (2006)

Genre: NetArt Format: Html, Dhtml, Css, _Javascript, Flash MX Artwork, Web project Design and Development: Konstantia Sofokleous

Stills, captures, and drawings from the preproduction process of my animated films are combined to produce a new interactive artwork on the net.

I am using the net space as a gallery where the three-dimensional space of a real exhibition room is translated into the two-dimensional space of a web page. Visitors can interact with the artwork by clicking and dragging the cut-out figures to make their own layout arrangements.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Popular Children's Poem




Full Description

Genre: NetArt. Format: Dhtml, Flash, Actionscript. Artwork, Design, and Development: Konstantia Sofokleous.

By using artwork from five of her animated movies, the artist creates a new interactive concept for each movie, being interactive and allowing the user to click and drag the characters to create custom layouts.

Includes: ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND The girls are floating and moving along the cursor movement. Click-n-drag the girls and bee.

POPULAR CHILDREN'S POEM The girls are floating. Click-n-drag them.

GLOUGLOU Glouglou is driving along the screen. Click-n-drag cars and tree.

GLOUGLOU II Click-n-drag Glouglou and roller.

PLATFORM Click on the black ball. Each click on the black ball results to a new color ball. Click-n-drag all balls.

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