Telequitter (2007)

This tongue-in-cheek creative project endeavors to point out the lemming-like rush to embrace the digital lifestyle, even when it may not be appropriate or safe. We bank on-line, shop on-line, communicate on-line, buy insurance on-line, call friends on-line, and share personal information online, without noticing consquences. One major consequence: we no longer speak to each other, but seek to hide behind asynchronous communication. The natural progression of this phenomenon is to transact all personal communication on-line, no matter the subject or situation. Telequitter is a vision of the future; at Telequitter you can quit on-line, using a friendly ecard.

The ecards are built in Flash, allowing for music and animation. Some of the animated text is chosen by the user, via pulldown, and each ecard ends with a space for a personal message. The designs are nonsensical and entertaining, underscoring the irony of "quitting online." Telequitter is live and sends cards that users create, so feel free to send an ecard today!

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