Private City (Cityscapes and soundscapes ) 2006 An audio-visual investigation to the the nature of the modern city, the nothingness. The position of shots next to one another is intended to create meaning within the audience's mind Cityscapes combined with dance( as an antidote for the nothingness of the modern city). The term 'private city' means discovering hidden or undiscovered areas of a city. `The videoprojection 'Private City' is the beginning of a range of video projections which starts to unroll themselves automaticly as a kind of contra-rotation. From this subtilel approach, the basic elements will not jump out of the video, but details get the chance for step forward in a gentle, suggestive manner ”

Cast : Emilie De Vlam,dance and choreography Voice : Lisa Gilbert

Full Description

Statement: I'm trained as a filmmaker not as an artist. My work concentrates on universal human experiences, birth, death and the secrets of the human consciousness, and found its roots in the psychoanalytical foundation and the spiritual world. It has autobiographical elements or my own obsessions and fantasies in it. The films bring a hidden knowledge to the audience. People do not know if they necessarily enjoy the films, but it holds them in a spell. I'm also investigating new methods, new ways to express our deeper needs inside a man's soul..

About the experimental film/video as audiovisual art

Experimental film/video -makers found new manners to use film, the principle of montage, changed the manner of film making and investigated also the manner of film in question. Intentional making of a film in an opposite direction, defy of the necessity at telling structures, the examining of new subjects in a new daylight, paint, cut up and compilate the peliculle. Many of these new forms are going away from the standardized movie or became even useful for the creative commercial film makers. The experimental investigation addresses to the whole field of the audio-visual arts, as well to the outside - where a dialogue is possible with the other arts - as within - where the audio-visual arts are confronted with itself. The work must testify of autonomy, resistance and a personal and renewing character. It must give also proof of audio-visual language skills, productional competence and understanding his own intentions, the maker must struggle a long way to reach the contextual position of his work.

Curiosity and imagination: Put in question of the obvious and the known. Instrumental manipulations. Control and view: The usage and investigation of the techniques. Audio-visuals thinking from personal vision. Making your intentions real and show it to an audience. Communication with the spectator. Audio-visual competence and understanding in the individual orientation and the personal developed universe in proportion with various past and current audio-visual expressive art practices. Is there self organisation and contact with complexity? These qualities progressively are built up during the working process and become continual again emphasizes

'There has never been a great film unless it was created in the spirit of the experimental film maker' Len Lye

Experimental film has always put the cinematographical language in question, also poetry and prose are put in question. In much experimental films there is been played with the narrative logic. A story is told without the clarity where this story begins, where it ends. Also soundscapes begin to take a very important place as a stand-alone piece of art. A lot of artists are aware that they're working for the museums of tomorrow. Others dream of an art without a museum, they only want to transmit to the future a contaminated piece of art of their present memory.

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