The Course (2007)

A permanent new media archisculpture which enables passers-by to pedal at high speed through a semi-virtual race commissioned by Sustrans, the UK Charity for sustainable transportation.

-- 'The Course' is a pavilion open on two aspects, one side to act as the entrance to the work and the other to frame the view across Dunstable Downs. Participants entering this archisculpture will be able to exercise on two stationary bikes linked to virtual courses, which emulate four local routes around Luton.

A series of improvised micro-sculptures have been inserted into these virtual courses. The scale of these sculptures has been magnified to create a legacy of huge monuments.

As participants escape into this digital world, they augment the formal qualities of the pavilion, becoming a kinetic extension of the sculpture visible to walkers and cyclists traveling along the real routes.

'The Course' comments on the modern day malaise, which separates the mind and body, through blurring fantasy with reality.

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