Corey J. Willis is a New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in photography and a participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. His work has taken him to Iceland and Greenland on artistic residency. He is a Philadelphia native currently living in New York City. Willis is the Director of Design Education at New Design High School in the historic Lower East Side.

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Depicting psychological disorders through nutritionally bankrupt foods.

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Artist Statement

The work of Corey J. Willis takes a satirical look at monotony through digital photo-collage. Presenting large-scale images of nutritionally bankrupt foods, Willis connects tooth decay to mental decay. There is a design to the mundane and Willis seeks to expose it. Inspired by mental disease, consumerism, global warming, and the superficial; he shows images connecting frootloops to male colorblindness and popsicles to depression. From fruitstripe gum barometers to poptart calendars, Willis sees the inane in the mundane.

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