Reptilica (2008)

Animation made using the stop-motion technique.

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Artist Statement

Reptilica is half animation half a film where real people perform. It Starts with a doll which is animated with the stop motion technique, she is searching through the many dry leaves that rest on the floor, something she has seen or felt passing by, but she can't seem to find it. Other scenes in the movie introduce small pink worms falling on a group of ivy leaves, these are the disturbing presence that bother the doll as they sneak under the leaves, never letting themselves to be seen. These worms might be imaginary creatures belonging to the same fragmented body of the doll/woman. The doll's actions alternate with those of a real woman, she too is searching through the leaves and her movements at some stage of the film become frenetic, she tries to cover her body with the plants as if to operate a symbiosis with nature.

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