Digital Op Art (2009)

To intrigue, to surprise, to entertain by the creation of abstract compositions and the search for perfect shapes in proportion, color, subtlety and simplicity.

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An eye looking for a pure and elegant line, a distinguished curve, a sensation of purity, a minimalism that is majestic like a white lily, which holds itself proud and gracious. Sun-like whims, white expanses like the snow, lights that illuminate life, because we all need luminous images. A positive attraction. Like a planet which makes your head spin. Universal, intemporal, intergenerational, without prejudice, freedom at all cost. Images which surround us are the inspiration of our happy days. A palette of colors at will. An ability to adapt for the art of love, to create the character of a place without falling in the traps of superficial design. A work of art that is a sensation every morning, a new story to be taken along the way, a road to be traveled hand in hand. A galactic journey, a rest for the mind, a tribal object, a sacred plenitude

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Artist Statement

I want to reveal the innate beauty of forms and colors, which do not presuppose culture or intellection on the part of the beholder, and which act quite simply upon the inner self, on man as a being of feelings. Ever since the world came into being, since man has been thinking or creating, everything was already in existence. Great constants remain unchanged. One should conceive of a way of reducing existence to relatively few things : oxygen, water, sunshine, geometry. One could say that the circle stands in for paradise, and that squares are the skies. One could say that the circle is the sun, the moon, a planet, a galaxy, an ovule, an atom or an electron. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, one could say that the round shape stands in for life, fecundity, love. One could say that vertical lines connect earth to cosmos, the spirit, frees and elevates itself. Horizontally, man and woman are one. At the intersection of vertical and horizontal, there is a point which would represent the union of matter and spirit, where the child of love could be born. This encounter of a vertical and a horizontal line in the middle of a circle contained within a square, is a way to conceive of conception as the union of matter and of mind, for a collective and universal happiness.

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