berny navigator voyage (2014)

BERNYNAVIGATOR VOYAGE_ diary of a psicogeografer installation project curated by Bruno Bernardo

watercolors # t-shirts

To fully understand the meaning of this istallation is necessary to make some assumptions . Are included in the proposed aspects of various disciplines historic urban planning , landscape and sociological ; also the period of which we deal is quite extensive . Through an approach that is also " fun" is experimental and will try to make challenging and intriguing from the point of view of the entire operation fruition . personal Notes I was born in an area that has been affected by the effects of land reform implemented in 1950 ( Lucan - area Appulo ) . In 1965, Law No. 901 transforms the Special Section for Reform Fondiaria of Puglia, Basilicata and Molise in Agricultural Development Authority . Growing up area of the small town of Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) , came of age beginning to " explore " the surrounding landscape alone or with friends of the time. It was short voyages , starting from radio centric space base of my town mainly to the countryside of the district , in a kilometer radius that did not exceed 30 -40 km. Mainly in the direction of Monteserico or village Taccone ( Irsina ) . There, for the first time , looking at the ruins of the " Let College " and the same Borgo Taccone beginning to be fascinated with buildings in the rural state of neglect. During the reform Fondiaria were built between Molise , Puglia and Basilicata 8,000 rural houses , 30 rural centers and other services. Various reasons for the lack of development of these villages and the abandonment of the same after a few years , among them the very long activity , which for centuries favored exclusively herding. Among the subjects taught in the university course I found particularly stimulating materials address the historical, artistic and architectural heritage of the recovery of the Urban and Rural Sociology and some aspects of Town Planning . The desire to help add "stories" at the micro- history of the area led me to devote the final part of my studies in dusty papers and archival surveys in the territory of Lavello(PZ) took place between 1996/97 with a thesis entitled " sink and its territory : a study of urban and regional history ." The initial core of this research consists of twenty boards 100x70 cm . in which are enclosed copies of ancient archival plans , photos, texts and processed by me planimetric products constitute the starting point for a search for " free" and without canonical methods to other discoveries and other trips. Conceptually through the alter ego I call " bernynavigator " I try to channel other experiences that contain material aspects and somewhat intimate . In some installations " bernynavigator voyage" , " visions and experiments ", " small pile ", " pastry art ", " meditation vs. action " carried out in Bari , Rionero in Vulture , Venom , Giovinazzo and Palazzo San Gervasio are merged the outcomes of my research .

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Bernynavigator Voyage

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