Dream Nation (2009)

The series incorporates brand names and logos, while utilizing methods and techniques of traditional sign painting. The paintings and drawings in the series deal with the omnipresence of "branding", the supersaturation of advertising and suggest a universe of electronic commerce.

On a formal level, the accumulation of brands results in a dense, “all-over” composition. The individual brand names and logos, in their varied colors and shapes, in effect function within each painting as “brushstrokes,” keeping the eye moving across the surface of the picture, as well as directing it through the suggested space within the painting.

Full Description

A subset of my Branding series are a group of paintings in which the brands used by a particular individual are accumulated within one painting, and serve as a kind of portrait of that individual. This reflects the larger social use of specific brands to both project a desired image to others as well as to shape one’s image of oneself.

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Artist Statement

My work deals with the interrelationship of media, communication and technology.

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