Island (2009)

A project consisting of videos and archived material related to the idea of island from an emigrant point of view

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The Azores Islands lie along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the triple junction region between the North American, Eurasian and African tectonic plates. It is naturally an unstable location. The last active volcano was Capelinhos, which erupted off the coast of Faial island in September 1957 and remained active until October 1958. We were living on the neighboring island of Pico that year when my mother and her brother took a boat to Faial to record the volcano on an 8mm home movie camera. In making this series of videos I relied, for source material, on those movies as well as others shot by Alzira Simas between 1954-1958. Sources for sound include cassette tapes made by Padre José M. Neves between 1973-1975. (bilingual English/Portuguese)

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