Error- The Brown Pear Experiment (2006)

This project depicts the gaps between what’s real and photographic representations of it (i.e., error).

Full Description

…an image of a pear, the colors of which are gradually replaced with colors calculated from the difference between color measurements taken on the actual fruit and color measurements taken on the photographic representation of the fruit. The final image comprises the color information that is lost through digitization . . . a way of seeing the difference between the photographed and the real.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Time was spent planning and implementing a digitization strategy capable of generating extremely accurate images. Concurrently, a process was created to quantify the error associated with digitization. Information gathered from the initial study (The Brown Pear Experiment) helped with the construction of an interactive installation (TPTP in 6-Bits) that utilized a similar process in real time.

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