I ♥ Yellow Food (2010)

A celebration of foods whose spectral hue lay between green and orange.

Full Description

With I ♥ YELLOW FOOD, I continue to graft my cultural work from my gifting performances onto the infinite social and political potential of the World Wide Web. My second Facebook group, I ♥ YELLOW FOOD piggy-backs the social networking site’s popularity and accessibility, to create an online community of like-minded foodies with an eye toward celebrating a color common to city food—be it take out or cooked at home—with a dollop of identity politics.

As with my 2008 work, EAST COAST JAPANESE AMERICANS, now with nearly 100 members, I ♥ YELLOW FOOD is a self-generating work in the tradition of Mark Napier's Digital Landfill and net.flag, net.art that relies on visitor-viewer actions to enact the work.

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