'New Digital Pictures' Pygmalion's Desire (2009)

This picture began as a photograph titled 'Galatea' created by my own form of 'Painting with Light'. . . My invented technique involved photographing projected images that were not often projected on to a screen. . . Since then I created this new digital version titled 'Pygmalion's Desire'. . . It is offered for sale as a Limited Edition print (limited to just 8). . . For much more information please see my website. . . To see the original photograph titled 'Galatea' and the new colour versions for Interior designers, please see: http://www.artist-john-cohen.net/Consultants.htm

Full Description

This image is just part of my picture titled 'Pygmalion's Dream' . . . These new digital pictures are based on ideas whilst 'Painting with Light'. . . I have used some of my original photographs and then improved them using digital manipulation.

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Artist Statement

My aim is to create beautiful and inspiring pictures that also make quite a statement!

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