Brooks (Base) Square & The Inverse Square Law (ISL) (2010)

Underlying all that we experience, underlying all that we know in the way of physics, lies a matrix of numbers... simple whole numbers... that inform, describe and educate. Brooks (Base) Square and The Inverse Square Law (ISL) is a step-by-step visual guide through this matrix. The journey takes you through three sections: (1) TAOST, The Architecture Of SpaceTime; (2) TCAOP, The Conspicuous Absence of Primes; and, (3) Interconnectedness-Conclusion-Appendix.

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What is "Brooks (Base) Square?"

The physical laws of Nature are gounded on a few unwavering principles. One is that of the Universal Constants ... the velocity of light, the rest mass and spin of the electron, proton, neutron , the Planck Constant, the Fine Structure Constant, etc. All measured quantities. Another set are the forces of Nature: gravitation, electromagnetic, weak and strong.

Tying all this together are the Conservation Laws: Conservation of energy, momentum, angular momentum, electric charge, mass (as mass-energy), leptons, baryons, and, spacetime (as proposed by the author). In essence, the total energy of spacetime, as revealed by the matter and energy fields that are its expression, is a constant ... it can be neither created or destroyed.

That the quantities, as expressed by numbers, that hold, tie, interconnect, transform, transcend and ultimately account for these principles ... these laws of Nature ... should be contained within the Inverse Square Law matrix, i.e. "Brooks (Base) Square," is increasingly becoming an obvious conclusion.

The table of numbers that, while solely excluding the *prime numbers, reveals the number patterns that are primordial to the structure of the Universe.

This primordial matrix defines the Inverse Square Law (ISL) that informs gravity, light (electromagnetism) and atomic structure ... the underpinnings we see as the observable Universe. It is the architecture of space-time itself ... that which ultimately informs and reveals its disposition, that in turn, presents the physical laws, and their expression, of light, gravity and the structure of matter ... that fundamentally defines the true structure of the Universe, encompassing all matter and energy (light and dark).

The ISL is a key relationship describing the interplay of space and time. It is postulated here that the true underpinnings of space-time itself are inherently defined by numerical relationships ... numbers ... the numbers of "Brooks (Base) Square."

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Artist Statement

The unfolding of Nature... from the primordial to our Earth-view today, from the simple to the complex... is true to certain Universal Constants of Nature and to the Conservation Laws (mass-energy, momentum, charge) that they in turn describe.

Mathematics may be the language of physics, but numbers... simple whole numbers... are the stuff of physics. In fact, numbers are the stuff of everything. Nature, if nothing else, is the supreme accountant of all spacetime... and all matter and energy expressed therein.

Central to this number scheme of Nature is the Inverse Square Law (ISL) that describes how the energy... or force of influence... falls off in intensity in direct (albeit "inverse") relation to the distance of separation, as 1/distance squared (denoted 1/r squared). This universal law informs all of gravity, electromagnetism, sound and much more. That's the ISL.

BBS, Brooks (Base) Square, is the matrix of simple whole numbers that work harmoniously together to inform the ISL.

BBS is not numerology, number magic or voodooism. And while it certainly falls under the accepted academic discipline of number theory, it far exceeds any attempts to lock it into a boundary of definitions. This is what happens with really, really basic discoveries in that they become the new foundation for the other specializations within science and mathematics. BBS is just that new and is that fundamental. Get a grip on it. It's the Matrix.

It starts out... and is fundamentally as simple as the addition of simple numbers... and as such it seems too simple to be of importance. After all, your average eight-year old child can easily master the concept. The BBS matrix is presented in a step-by-step fashion of "Rules," or statements, as to how these simple additions form simple patterns throughout the grid. In fact, the first 70-80 Rules that form the basic relationships may be too simple (and thus a little boring) for some of you who can get a quick grasp on fundamental number patterns. That will soon change, thereafter, for at least some, as the next 100 Rules will reveal a universe of harmoniously integrated number relationship patterns that just may blow your mind. Do not fear. Each Rule is designed to take you through to its clear resolution in a visual example. Build a universe.

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