ALIAS - interactive video light installation (2009)

by 1057923

The video installation by Karina Smigla-Bobinski is an arrangement of projections and spectators. Entering spectators stand in front of a light flooded wall. By moving inside of the room, the spectators themselves interrupt the light flow, shadowing the wall as the light projector is situated in the rear of the room. Inside the shadow projections of other people get visible. They show persons in real size, whose faces betray various origins and national roots. Standing in front of the wall one can see his own shadow filled with a person who apparently looks him into the eyes, moving slightly as if listening heedful to him, or maybe to his thoughts only. Thus, in the installation, the spectator meets the outline of his own figure and the same time the image of a stranger who seems to hide behind the light wall. Moving along the wall, one can fill his own shadow-outline with different appearances. His perception confronts images in various levels. The real shadow as the elementary image and evidence of ones presence and then the light generated images (still in danger of being hidden by the other light) of absent persons. If the spectator is not alone in the room, he sees the other persons around him and their shadows interact strangely as well. > more on

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