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EJERCICIOS DE OBRA / LIS 07 It´s puts in practice the learning acquired in this time exploring the relations of body and architecture through the new technologies, tying dance, image and sound in real time through a designed interactive system in the programming on Max/Msp/Jitter, for the specific place.

Appropriation of an architectonic space through the body. A body that makes the space a scenic place. Work exercises will be made specifically for this place as final exercise of the residence process/learning in interactive programs in real time.

The new technologies are used here, they are manipulated or they are relocated in which I call in my project “Hybrid Formats” and that appeal to the creation of interdisciplinary works, in which different strategies converge, conceptual operations and aesthetic. Then these “new” tools do not appear to impose “a newness” but that responds to a consequent exercise front to my lines of work: body in movement (what I call “Dance” at least), image (Videodance, video/painting for the scene, others.) and urban Space (to understand city, Architecture, social interaction, deprived, public and semi-public Space, nonplaces, others).

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This way the new technologies and specially the design of a system of interaction in real time allows me through the movement of the body to execute a sound or an image (or both) at the same moment that I execute, this, in the situation that the body registers in a denied place, is transparent, that re-takes control making possible the intertextuality, and the material and formal relations between the architecture and the body in movement. This exercise is executed under the idea that in all process of learning and investigation the creation of “work” is possible. The concept of “exercise” (that results the names of my works), settles with the idea to speak of the “work of art” like a step, like an always dynamic process, a little while of materialization of the ideas, the knowledge and recognition of one same one, of projection of which it is not possible to be named with the words…

Brisa MP Collaboration Rudolfo Quintas ZDB Cultural Center Lisbon. PT. 2007

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