"Botty Suzy" Interactive 3D CGI Gallery Installation Mockup (2010)

by 1073001

3D computer graphics rendered proposal for an interactive artwork installation.

Full Description

Movie loop from an interactive computer graphics program to demonstrate the gallery installation of "Botty Suzy" providing an interactive simulation of the projection of her metaphysical symbol.

The Steel, rotating "C-Arm", mounted on the gallery wall, has at its "image plane" a tablet computer. A rotational shaft encoder at the axis of the "C-Arm" transmits the current angle of the "C-Arm" to the tablet computer via an Arduino USB device. A program, written in Processing displays the pre-recorded, digital X-Ray image on the tablet computer screen, which corresponds to the current angle of rotation of the "C-Arm" and angle of projection through "Botty Suzy".

The interactive, pre-visualization mock-up for the physical gallery installation is written in C++ using the FastLight ToolKit (FlTk), the Graphics Language Utility ToolKit (GLUT) and Coin3D, the currently, truly open-source continuation of Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) Open Inventor. The program currently runs on MacOS-X version 10.4 for PowerPC.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The 'Etruscan Venus' is topologically equivalent to Klein Bottle. It is properly embedded in Euclidean Four-Space. Images associated with contemporary Cyber-Venuses are mapped onto the surface of the 'Etruscan Venus'. 'Botty Suzy' is an Hommage to Dr. Susan M. Block, Ph.D


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