122468 (2011)

by 1051930

A new perspective can imbue even simple photographs with powerful resonances, sometimes burning those images into our collective unconsciousness for a lifetime.

For a hundred years we've "known" - - at least intellectually - - that the earth floats silently in space. An island in the cold and vacuum. But that knowledge was intangible.

Until the Apollo 8 astronauts. They brought emotion to understanding with their now familiar image of earth - a "blue marble" suspended in a black void. Creating an icon for the 60's, and a symbol of our interdependence as a species.

Once again, it is a message worth repeating.

Full Description

six frames along a single latitude,slowly emerge from the differences in surface tension and densities between oil and water. Cracking over time into a topographic reflection of the earth floating alone in space, one home, one day.

poured latex and oil paint on wood two years drying time two panels, three frames per panel 77 1/4" x 28 1/4"


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