‘What is Love?’ (2011)

by 1078196

It is Interactive Version 2.0:'‘What is Love?. I explores an experimental interactive typography with love related words with Processing.

Full Description

This project begun with my question, ‘What is love?,’ As a typographer, habitually I started writing down several related words reminding me of ‘what love is’ and then, I decided to use the words as my visual materials to construct my interactive typography. Here are my word list for the love: ‘Emotion’, ‘Passion,’ ‘Affection,’ ‘Warmth,’ ‘Pleasure,’ ‘Feeling,’ ‘Compassion,’ ‘Desire,’ ‘Attraction,’ ‘Charity,’ ‘Tender,’ ‘Heart,’ ‘Enthusiasm,’ ‘Intimacy,’ ‘Power,’ ‘Tenderness,’ ‘Fondness,’ ‘Passion,’ ‘Adoration,’ ‘Relation,’ ‘Devotion,’ ‘Share,’ ‘Romance,’ ‘Liking,’ ‘God,’ ‘Engagement,’ ‘Worship,’ On a dark and void space, the words are created based on the random orders, and then, gradually the space is covered by them. They keep being duplicated, and overlapped to construct a visual image with the shape of the ‘♥.’ The shape of the ‘♥.’ represents a visual icon of human heart having feeling. It is formed by the spots with the same color index for the words. It shows that the shape of the ‘♥,’ is evolved from the word’s accumulation visually. Gradually, two different visual elements, the words and the spots, are continuously created, duplicated, overlapped and integrated into one integrated visual image. The spot colors constructing the shape of ‘♥,’ are transformed into the white colors. It is intended ‘what love is’ as a truly pure heart with the white colors and the related words. Audience can interact with the screen. Whenever they touch the screen, the animation is restarted with a new animation based on the random positions and orders of the words and the spots. Every animation is visually not the same, but it is unique. It restarts automatically and make loop every three minutes without any interruption.

Here are my technical references: Binary Tree Algorithm Geomerative Library and Caligraft(http://www.caligraft.com,) by Richard Marxer Processing, by Casey Reas and Ben Fry Font: Arial

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Artist Statement

Yeohyun Ahn is independent interactive visual designer. Her works have been published through PRINT, New YorK Time Magazine, Letter Art Review, etc. She presented her research, TYPE+CODE, through AIGA's conferences and wrote a book, TYPE+CODE Processing for Designers, with two collaborators, John Page Corrigan and Viviana Cordova. Her works have been exhibited in South Korea, United States, and Japan. She was honored for the Asia Digital Art Awards in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan in 2004. She received the Korean Honor Scholarship in 2006 and Graduate Fellowship from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Arts) in 2009. She was featured as a cover artist for Letter Art Review magazine in 2010. She has a B.S degree in Computer Science from Chungbuk National University and two MFA degrees in Graphic Arts from Ewha Womans University and Graphic Design from MICA(Maryland Institute College of Arts.) She worked as visiting assistant professor at Towson University in the United States.

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