White Horse Hill Model (2011)

by 1037102

1:1000 Scale GPS Model Location: White Horse Hill in Uffington, Oxfordshire, UK Track Length: 43.05 km Date: 16/07- 08/08/2002

Full Description

The location of the White Horse in Uffington was chosen for its intricate terrain formed from the steep chalk downs, and for its distinct features that have been shaped by man since the Bronze Age. We first mapped White Horse Hill with GPS receivers in 2001. In 2002 we did it again to make a 1:1000 scale model from our tracks. The model displaces our trajectories by a transferral of surfaces. It is a three-dimensional map of our systems of movement within 43 kilometres of walks made over four days. We acted as data collectors by traversing the area in order to generate the material to model the experience. The GPS tracks were processed and reduced in scale by 1000 times and printed as templates on cardboard sheets. They included a plan view of the journey (track position), and many strips of various lengths (distance) and widths (altitude). On each strip were score-lines with colours that indicated the varying degrees of change in the direction of the track.

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Artist Statement

A nine minute video documentary about the model making process was produced in June 2005. It includes footage captured at the site and animations of the GPS tracks alongside time-lapse footage of the model being constructed.

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