Tweetagraph (2011)

by 1041513

Tweetagraph is a telegraph that sends tweets. In the fall of 2013 two versions of the tweetagraph were installed, one at the MoMA studio in new york, the other at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. You can follow the tweets on twitter @tweetagraph1 and @tweetagraph2 .

Full Description

The telegraph is connected to an arduino. The arduino is running the software called firmata that allows for easy communications with Processing. Processing, which is free, open source and cross platform is using a library called twitter4j that allows for communications between Processing and Twitter. The authentication processes that twitter now employs is complicated, but an excellent tutorial at helps solve that problem. This is not a good project for a beginner, but it's not super complicated either.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Digital culture is not new. We have been digesting the idea of compressing our communications into 1's and 0's for a long time. The Tweetagraph make this apparent by combining our current digital visualization devices with our old to make a new hybrid form of communication.

There is no way to not send the tweet once you have started, and no way to delete mistakes.


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