ONSPEED (2011)

ONSPEED a one year on twitter speeddata scroll and data esthetization and visualization antitwittracy-project.

Full Description

ONSPEED is an info-deformation project revealing the perpetual reoccurrence of the same. ONSPEED is an animated version of one year’s repetitious activity within the evolving minimal tweet-drawing project jtwinedotcom on twitter, using twitter’s 140 character limitations, showing information as an endless flow of impermanence. ONSPEED reflects on the seemingly endless “news” output on twitter, by reducing information into black squares and blank spaces, a sort of binary news data visualization, resulting in addition and subtraction patterns of these two elements. ONSPEED is visually examining the ephemeral nature of information and reduces the twitter-timeline to an esthetic flow of patterns. ONSPEED refers to Hans Haacke’s NEWS 1969/2008, which is a continuous printing-out of news through RRS feeds from around the world, accumulating in a mountain of news. ONSPEED refers to the hyped -up state of methamphetaminic experiences; euphoric wakefulness, resulting in freakish depletions of mental states, drifting in ecstatic deliriousness and unconsciously searching for the long lost melody of the inner realm. ONSPEED depends ON SPEED.

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