The Hanging Gardens of Babylon | Edwin Stolk| 2010 | Temporary Museum Heemskerk (2011)

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon a situation by Edwin Stolk.

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THE HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON 2010 15 August till 26 September

A situation by Edwin Stolk, part of the exhibition 'Schone Schijn' at temporary museum Heemskerk, Netherlands.

A collaboration with Jaap Velserboer and Ronald Tebra, Stichting Beeldende Kunst Manifestatie Heemskerk, The North Dutch water company, Car dealers Klok & Thissen and Poelenburg, Multimade Heemskerk, MIK meubel interieur Koevoets, and all the volunteers who helped to make this intervention possible.

"The hanging gardens of Babylon were realized in the summer of 2010 and is a key work in my artistic development. I was asked to investigate the presented nature in a Euro 2000 protected dune area nearby Heemskerk.

I proposed to invite the owners of resources around the protected area, to bring their goods and activities inside the reserve. To create an continuously changing environment with diverse activities.

By rearranging existing objects, like cars from the car boulevard, sea-containers from the industrial area and wooden boxes from the tulip bulb industry, bringing them together in nature gave rise to a heated debate between corporate, institutional and public actors concerning the parameters of this environment. This discussion outlined the borders of my intervention and visualized the work in the reserve.

As an artist I became aware of the potential to reactivate the role of public and contribute to the democratic process of (re)shaping and (re)thinking our everyday surroundings through visual interventions. Process based works which facilitate direct interaction.

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Artist Statement

Trained as a visual artist I am available as lecturer, researcher, adviser, for presentations and always searching for new collaborations.

All my activities generate insights for my ongoing research after the public sphere. All experience based projects provide knowledge over our shared and supported idea of reality. I want to stimulate people's involvement in the way our idea of reality is designed. My interventions are trajectories rather than destinations, they try to improve the level of transparency in power structures and innovate the democratic process. I organize collective laboratories by liberating institutionalized knowledge and resources. Together we form effective opposition to existing forms of crowd control and develop alternatives.

Thank you for your interest. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Edwin Stolk

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