Loop_shooting street view (2011)

::::: Photographing the web? Just grab a camera and take a picture to the monitor :::::

Full Description

The proposed series is part of a larger photographic project of net-photography started in 2010 using street view. Inspired by an earlier photographic work produced between 2008 and 2009 entitled "Urban levels". In it, some pictures, the ones marked "_sametag" were created downloading from the internet, through google, images of the city, searching through a keyword. For this series was used street view, google maps application, like a real scene placed in front of the camera lens. The photo was taken physically to the computer screen. Exposure times are high, while with the mouse randomly navigating the streets of some places in the world. Loop because it refers to images in a way close a loop; you photograph images already photographed, but the result is obviously very different. It 's an open project in constant update. The recognition of the place is not always the priority, even if the photos were taken from places which are often very popular. Information passes from one state, apparently random, as may be surfing the street view, to the perception of the final image. Reality is in material relationship with virtual environment.

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