the catalog raisonne project (2011)

The Complete Works of Adam Zucker compiled and maintained by Adam Zucker

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Artist Statement

A living artist is always creating art. It is what drives me to appreciate life both physically and metaphysically. My art has been a constant exploration for a means to express myself the moment I have an idea or an impulse, I feel driven to create. Whether the artwork is meant to be exhibited, published in a zine or online, installed in the public, preformed, or to just sit in the studio where it might just remain; it is always important for me to see what I have done and continue to do for my artistic development.

I am not here to please the critics or have some academic write about my art...I'm not opposed to it, people can chose to analyze my artwork however they'd like but I'd prefer my art to talk for itself. Because it is a culmination of my experiences and encounters my art has been changing constantly.

I am never content with sticking to a similar style, medium, and concept. Ideas change as does my day to day experience so if I get inspired to do something one day I might be inspired to do something completely different the next day.

Because I don't feel like I should be viewed in any academic context I am taking the opportunity to create (and play with) a virtual catalog raisonne of my work. I will start posting on a consistent basis my entire artistic output (including sketches and studies as I uncover them) from the beginning of my "career" to the present work I am making and all future work that I will do. I will provide commentary when necessary but the art will speak for itself at large.

Thank you for taking the journey with me...This will be interesting especially in the beginning where I uncover all the artwork that I have long neglected or parted with.

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