The Matter of Memory (2011)

The Matter of Memory is an on-going project which investigates the relationship between memory and place. Using smart-phone technology to experiment with location and sound, anyone while running this app can record their memories or moments within a place of importance. Uploading that memory will allow other people within 100 feet of that place to be able to listen to it.

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Currently: iPhone Application In Development: Android Application

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Artist Statement

Meditating on what precisely time is, and to what capacity we as human beings relate to it has been the basis of my work. My research and meditation for this application has led me to move away from the notion of a scientific time; a time based on atomic clocks and rotations. Instead I am concentrating on a personal sense of time, one that is based solely on a person’s own construction. Memories are often recalled and engulf our own present in what we consider the “Present”. But I hope to invoke a sense of reflection and to question the practice of linear time and of “progress” into the everyday. To also lay out the contradiction of the “Past” remaining somehow “behind” and yet with memories, it is always being recalled into the “Present”.

Implementing this technology in a way to create work has very fertile ground. Virtual applications that are accessible to smart-phone users (who are quickly encompassing a greater minority of all phone users) has the capacity for complex interactions. The visual creation of the way the application looks isn’t of great concern to myself; but the creation of the image within the mind of the audience is of importance as well as having the technology become a mediator of the experience. The way it encapsulates the majority of my ideals is letting go of the necessity to create an object, but rather to create a particular situation. An open-system that will allow anyone to freely participate at any moment.

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