Self-Portrait (2011)

An auto-generated, real-time self-portrait.

Full Description

Now that pretty much all laptops have built-in cameras, I've set my laptop to take a picture every two minutes. Each picture is then automatically uploaded to my webserver where it gets processed into a vectorized rendition of the original photo. The main webpage retrieves this vector information at two minute intervals and "paints" the image to the page. Therefore, as long as my laptop is on, what the viewer sees is an image that was taken within the last couple of minutes. On top of all this, every 10th image is saved in a database. Another feature of the website is the "Self-Portrait Randomizer" which selects 10 random images from the database and "paints" them into each other resulting in a semi-abstract collage representing 10 different moments simultaneously.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Every artist needs a self-portrait that reflects on themselves and their practice.


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