Futurenaut 3.0 (2011)

Futurenaut was performed at 3rd Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Festival "Artisterium 2010" in october, 2010, and will be continued at 22 of april, 2011 at "Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi" as a seminar. in this process i try to imagine the future, experiment with low cybernetic immortality and digital alchemy. to create a new person, which never existed before - with a body[genetic sample] of volunteer spectator of performance and the memories [digital archive] of mine, stored together forever in the Swiss DNA bank or any other alternative bank.

Full Description

Digital frankenstein is a humorous name for our Personage – "Dila" ["dila" means "morning" in Georgian]. Dila is an artificially constructed data of "personality" [memories, dreams, thoughts, ideas].

Using great new web-resourses such as Cyberev, Lifenaut and Swiss DNA Bank for Information Storage – I "write person" as a multimedia synthesis of different digital informations. Pseudo-code for Dila looks like this: [Personality] — special personality tests, "mental materials" from different people and selected cartoon charachters.

[Dreams] — I took Dila's dreams from my another project called "Tbilisi city Dream Database" – We run website, to collect different people's dreams through online surveys and audio recording of Dream HotLine Telephone – to make a real-time Dream map of current city. So I have more then 200 unknown citizen's lost dreams on a database. I use some of them as Dila's dreams.

[Memories] – I ask my friends to send me different videos and photos of different places and situations from their life. I upload them as Dila's personal memories of places where she/he has been, with written thoughts about it. This process to me is like Writing multimedia novel about a person who wants to save his/her memories forever. [and save cybernetic copy him/herself in this way]

[Body] - — more then 50 empty flasks and tubes for saving bio-materials for the future body of Dila. people will be asked and be free to share their saliva, sperm and blood within the exhibition of Dila’s deconstructed consciousness. futuristic bio-altruism for artificial, written mind-file.

the second part of Project is a concept of BODY SHARING.

As I "make Dila's mind" I want to store a body for her/him. But where to get body for the person who never existed? So here comes the main Action of "Imagine Future" performance: i'll choose the random Genetic Code[body] for digital memories of Dila by asking people to SHARE their bodies freely, for the stored "mind".

Every volunteer can participate just by physically signing a contract through the performance - that volunteer decide to Share his/her "body" for a bodyless digital "mind".

After this, Volunteers should leave their Saliva, little part of hair [if you sign an "advanced contract" - you can share your sperm too] to the special commission in the "body Sharing Centre" [performance room].

After sharing their Bodies – they get special certificate of Futurenaut-- with information that this Person share his/her Body[genetic Code] with a digital mind. In this case the real person and digital person collaborate to become Futurenauts. The underlying layer of this part of project is: test for people's "altruism" in the unfamiliar situation. In the era of Social Networking, where – free sharing of information is a daily routine, how far can we go in the concept of sharing. Can we share our body, our genetic Code for people who need it, for strange experiment, for future?

And the Final study of project : having a data of candidate bodies – we randomly choose one of them to store this actual bio-examples combined with our digital constuct in Swiss DNA bank or some other alternative of it.

..For better times – in the Future.

We hope You're Alive Dila.

We hope You exist and You enjoy it. :]

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