Coded Cultures: New Creative Practices Out Of Diversity (2011)

International Authors from Europe and Asia explain the impact of codes and cultures on society. Book Edited by: Georg Russegger, Michal Wlodkowski, Matthias Tarasiewicz.

Full Description

Coded Cultures. New Creative Practices out of Diversity (Georg Russegger) Projects ... Project Worlds ... Project Cultures (Christian Reder) Co-Evolutionary Anthropology of the Medial / CAM (Manfred Faßler) Art is about the Future; Otherwise, Nothing (Hiroshi Yoshioka) A Political Intervention in the Digital Realm (Marina Grzinić) Assembling Art, Design, Technology and Media Culture: The Challenge of Japanese Device Art (Machiko Kusahara) The Future of Creative Commodities in the Coded Cultures (Dominick Chen) Coded Cultures Between New Media Art and Production Cultures (Matthias Tarasiewicz) The Balance of my Wildness and my Intelligence was Way Off (David d’Heilly/Ujino Muneteru) Mouseology—Ludic Interfaces—Zero Interfaces (Mathias Fuchs/exonemo) Imaginary Agents—Flowers and the Common (Verina Gfader/BCL) Ludic Chindogus as Erotic Toys— Pleasure, Play, and Politics Beyond Materialism (Margarete Jahrmann) Urban Playgrounds, Alternate Games—on Urban Play, ARGs, and Psychogeography (Verena Kuni) From Somebody’s Desire to Everyone’s Responsibility (Yukiko Shikata/UBERMORGEN.COM)

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  • Year Created: 2011
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Monday Apr 18th, 2011
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  • Work Credits:
    • Matthias Tarasiewicz, editor
    • Michal Wlodkowski, editor
    • Georg Russegger, editor
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