Space Against Itself (2011)

Reverberations count as the acoustic signature of a space, audible expressions of dimension and materiality. Space Against Itself is a generative sound installation that makes repeated futile attempts at cancelling out these sonic signatures by occupying and saturating the frequencies at which the building makes itself heard most strongly. Listening machines construct an acoustic map of the Tyne Tower by identifying its specific resonant properties. The presence of bodies change the contours and dimensions of the space and therefore its sound; as visitors enter and move throughout the space the acoustic characteristics that the piece works against shift and reform, making its job ever harder and inevitably impossible. The sounds of the building itself are amplified and chiselled into shape in order to create a contrast between expansive and intensive spaces. Space Against Itself works with a notion of structural sound and treats architecture as harmonic potential. Repeated attempts are made at forcing an intimate experience of this vast space through the manipulation of its sonic-material properties, vibrational elements that testify to that which is energetic and ephemeral in the production of space.

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