Stoner Science (2011)

part of a set from a Stoner Science show

Full Description

various videos, audio, and images from a Stoner Science set at Bookspace in Fishtown, Philadelphia. the video is a mashup of a bunch of music videos by Eric Copeland, Lady Gaga, and Pat Benetar. those videos were edited in Final Cut and appeared projected onto a wall and on 3 TV monitors. at the same time, I was playing sound I created in Live, and also stuff I was playing on guitar / vocals running through a mutli-effects pedal and a loop pedal.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Stoner Science is the music act of Science Center. its a guided exploration through a noisy sonic landscape. sometimes the sounds are glitchy and spasmodic, like the aggressive inner-folds of a Black Dice song. Other times, the music is more restrained, ambient, and beautiful. And other times, the music is humorous, and self-effacing.

for every Stoner Science set, much deliberation is given to the visual aesthetic. Stoner Science wears masks and video-glasses to obscure his identity and dissociate himself from others.

in this most recent set, Stoner Science began creating lengthy videos to project during the set, which would correspond with certain themes.

Stoner Science plays with samples and themes from popular culture, both in terms of video and audio.

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