The Cut (2011)

Manipulation od existing machine code producing unpredictable video effects

Full Description

One day, Andreja Andric found an interesting program on the Internet. The program was only 16 bytes long. It was on the site of demo group farbrausch ( under title "fr-016: bytes". This program performs an attractive animated demo with ever-growing circles on the screen. The hex dump of this program is: B0 13 CD 10 C4 2F AA 11 F8 64 13 06 6C 04 EB F6. Andreja Andric changed the hex dump in the following way: he eliminated 11 after AA, and left all the other bytes unchanged. The new demo outperformed the previous one in two aspects: 1) it is one byte shorter (it is now 15 bytes long), and, 2) instead of drawing ever-growing circles, it now performs a wide variety of attractive visual effects. In this way Andreja Andric succeeded to produce a very short, elegant, original and clever work. Everyone should applaud to him!

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