There's Something Here From Somewhere Else (2011)

5.1 channel audio/projected video installation, Real-time playback programmed by Max/MSP/Jitter
and drawings on vellum, 2010

Full Description

“There’s Something Here From Somewhere Else” is multi-channel sound and projected animation installed in a physical space. My sounds are field recordings of high frequency and other electromagnetic sounds captured in transit with shortwave radios and microphones. Hand-drawn imagery comes from collected QSL postcards that were originally mailed to radio hobbyists by radio stations to verify the listener’s receipt of radio broadcast at a particular time and across a particular radio channel. These pictures of transmissions have been lifted from their geographical, nationalistic, and political references--including pictures of radio equipment, people making music, towers, maps, and national symbols--to reveal a universal language of sound graphics. Sounds, signals, and waves travel through the air to inhabit new landscapes. In its installation format, two projected animations play on opposing walls. Their accompanying soundtracks travel across speakers surrounding the room. Both elements play back at random, yielding a continuously shifting audiovisual landscape.

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