Pencil Music #4 (2011)

Can we make a music piece by drawing its waveform free-hand? In this work, we used only Pencil Tool, Copy, Paste and Reverse functionalities from the Sound Forgeā„¢ software. No effects and no sound processing were used. The sounds are left as is - drawn with the pencil, with all the glitches and cuts that emerged as side effects.

Full Description

The work explores a part of the sound world obtained by drawing with pencil tool. The piece is monophonic - there was no mixing of multiple channels. A time frame of one second was used as a basis for musical development. The overall method was to introduce slight changes into this one second, and then paste the result several times into the emerging composition. The cycle of introducing similar changes and pasting the result was repeated until reaching a culmination. Then the process was reversed to gradually return the music to its initial state. The piece is entirely based on regular tones, obtained by copy & paste many times of an initial stroke of the pencil. The process starts from a single note, and it proceeds by adding increasingly more and more short notes according to harmonic series, creating an illusion of polyphony. The overall sound grows from a single note to a dense and increasingly dissonant chord over several octaves and then symetrically returns back to the initial tone.

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