Matches for reading (2007)

Matches for Reading have all the same properties as everyday matches. Except for one additional quality: as you must have already guessed, they can be read.

Full Description

Themes of inscriptions, made by Yellowhead (unfortunately, only in Russian and mostly there are intranslatable quiddities), stated on the matchbox: Matches vs. lighters . The author, obviously, is for the first ones. Of course, finally, the match wins.

Matchbox contains fifty six matches with some pro-matches and anti-lighters mottos on the sides of each. The inscriptions do not repeat, and their whole list is attached to the matchbox.

For the deepest entirety of the concept, inscriptions (just like the whole design) are made by slate pencil. The beginning of each phrase is marked with a small triangle, which allows to move quickly to reading and understanding without revolving the match too long.

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