BEACON (2011)

Using technologies of telepresence associated with surveillance and home security in a manner more akin to the emerging digital practice of life casting the artist makes the connection with fire, one of the earliest means of information transmission over distance.

Full Description

Hestia Peppe broadcasts Beacon, a live bonfire throughout the exhibition. Burning in the artist's garden in South London and transmitted over the internet, the video stream can be accessed from anywhere at .

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Artist Statement

As digital life and liveness become more and more a part of our everyday a need emerges to trace its boundaries and limitations. We must understand new types of presence, adjust our conception of absence. Social encounters and sites become the raw material for these works, collaboration in their making and interaction in their dissemination, connection and its grammar, presence and telepresence.

Exploring the relationship between continuity and change Hestia Peppe draws attention to technologies and their earliest manifestations; storytelling, mark, ritual and fire. The present technological complexity we inhabit demands that we become fluent in our interactions with it in order to survive. How can past relationships with technology inform our learning in the future? Can we become as intimately familiar with new technologies as those of the past?


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