Piano Player's Diary of Astronomical Observations (2011)

Collection of computer-generated compositions for piano emulation + software

Full Description

Circular movements of the planets, their positions and orderings, have always been thought to influence our feelings (and maybe destinies). In this utopian cycle of infinite, interwoven musical sequences for piano emulation, short phrases travel their "orbits" at different speeds and clash with each other in ever different ways, creating an overall sound of relaxed piano improvisations. The mechanism was set in motion through Piano Player's Diary software which logs the resulting music events into a MIDI file. The software with MIDI logs can be downloaded from online computer art gallery SoundToys (www.soundtoys.net, http://www.soundtoys.net/toys/piano-players-diary) or from software art repository Runme.org (runme.org/project/+pianoplayersdiary/). The piano emulation from MIDI was done in 2011 through the free VSTHost by Hermann Seib, Vienna, Austria (http://www.hermannseib.com/english/vsthost.htm), and (also free) 4Front Piano VST plugin by Steve Yohng from 4Front Technologies (http://www.yohng.com/software/piano.html).

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