Yo, Carolina (2011)

It based on the book "The metamorphosis" of Franz Kafka, the video "I, Carolina" exposes one of the facets of the aggressiveness.

The words like a way of violence.

For Daniel Sibony (Moroccan, French Psychoanalyst 1946), there is a crucial episode in the book. It is when Gregorio Samsa’ s sister throws him apples causing the death of Samsa.

According to Sibony these apples, encysted in the shell of the protagonist, are words. They are the reproaches that acquire a mortal form.

Full Description

"I, Carolina" (Video) Creator: Sara Malinarich Sound: Odisseu Fill de Laertes Cast: Helena Rebenaque This video comes from an invitation to participat, on behalf of Chile, to Femlink project. Under the topic AGRESSION. Curated by Veronique Sapin

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Artist Statement

“There are words that hurt and are encysted in the skin. A catastrophic form that becomes mortal.”

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