Kingdom of Moderate Sunshine (2011)

A film that uses game technology, corporate films and newsreels to create an impression of total immersion in the successful state of collective will that is increasingly common in a world of pervasive corporate security awareness.

Full Description

This film mixes original graphics, game footage, newsreels, corporate films, automated voice, and digital video to create a corporate mind-control video for use by a client state.

It is intended to make the viewer feel pretty good about being a part of the violence and seeking to ingratiate him/herself with the state security apparatus.

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Artist Statement

I wanted to make the kind of film that might play on Winston Smith's telescreen in his Oceana home from George Orwell's novel, 'Nineteen Eighty-Four.'

I had originally set out to make a film that criticized the use of fascist art techniques for political purposes in the U.S. The primary example of this currently is the famous picture of Barack Obama by artist Shepard Fairey. The poster is powerful but strikes me as bizarrely fascist in its technique and focus on the hero personality gazing upward toward some grand future above all our heads. Pretty damned terrifying if you ask me. But I'm obsessed with the whole idea of it and what drives people to start using this kind of imagery. So I had wanted to make a short film that objected to this kind of thing. But as I worked, I realized that I had made a weak choice. Far better to make an actual fascist film from some mythological totalitarian state that had mastered all the methods of population and mind-control through sound and image. So that's what I did.


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