Park [arte magazine] #03_CALL FOR ARTISTS (deadline 5 August) (2011)

PARK #03 - Call for artists + theme: "CRISE, JE T'AIME" DEADLINE: 05th AUGUST

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PARK #03 - Call for artists + theme: "CRISE, JE T'AIME" DEADLINE: 05th AUGUST

Looking forward for issue #03, PARK decided to get a move on and put some salt in the wound! The submission guidelines are the same from previous issues; for the upcoming edition we´re also requesting proposals four our 1st themed section: Under the theme "Crise, je t'aime" (Crisis, i love you), Park´s issue #03 wants to focus on the global crisis scenario, it´s premises, manifestations and consequences. We wish to know on which degree it´s experienced and interpreted through various geographic and social backgrounds. This is valid for both Portuguese and international submitters. Issue #03 pretends to show the concept "CRISIS" through artistic interpretation, may it be documental, ironic, experimental, conceptual or plainly theoretical. "Crisis" is by itself a broad term (a personal crisis, a value crisis, environmental, economic...); so you could see PARK´s upcoming edition as a sort of collective catharsis, a melting pot of different perspectives and approaches, a punching bag for built frustrations, an utopia manual. To make it short, a gathering of creative potential. As always, every submission is editorially selected under the scope of esthetic criteria, it´s artistic merits and the way it responds to this particular edition theme (for submissions regarding the proposed theme).. We´re open to every medium (drawing, video, written essay, photography, illustration...): please take some time to read the general submission guidelines (see site). To present alongside the works, we´re requiring a face photo as well a short bio and project description.

Critically yours, PARK

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  • Year Created: 2011
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Saturday Jul 2nd, 2011
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    • parkmagazine, primary creator
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Artist Statement

Starting in 2010 and based in Oporto, Portugal, PARK [art magazine] is a joint project wich aims to bring together as many creative minds as possible, from different backgrounds and willing to share their work through a home-grown online and future printed publication dedicated to art and culture, making it's debut into the web as a digital online edition in the form of a flip mag as well as a downloadable PDF. The very anatomy of the magazine will hopefully rely on an ever growing list of contributors. We want to make it as diverse and challenging as possible.


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