Pod (2011)

The Pod is a sculpture of an artificial life-form. Its body develops a likeness to an oversized pet that sits obediently, waiting to come alive to bring light into its surroundings.

Full Description

The lighting reacts to visitors nearby, making the pod appear to breathe in tandem with their movements. A macbook camera feed is directed into MAX, controlling a spotlight via Arduino hardware interfacing. Each pod can be flat packed for transportation and quickly brought to life (or assembled) by two people. The flexible plywood skeleton is first bolted together, and then given structural stability by a stressed canvas skin. This translucent covering allows it to react dynamically to changing light conditions.

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Artist Statement

As an experiment in human-machine assembly, the pod is fabricated using computer-controlled tools and its skin and bone structure are put together manually. The Pod’s modular industrial exoskeleton is held in tension by rubber muscles and a translucent canvas skin.

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