I'm Excited (2010)

I'm Excited is a reality-show purgatory where lost souls are perpetually reliving their meaningless, ego-driven existence. A three-channel video installation with sculptural elements by Dave Greber featuring contributions from Brandon Meginley, Katie Gelfand, Kelci Baughman-McDowell, Colin Bean and Dino Pouranarus.

Full Description

I'm Excited is a three-channel video installation featuring two looping reality show memes in an inclusive television world.

I'm Excited 3 channel video installation 3 CRT Televisions, 1 projector, 1 LCD, fabric, balloons 2010

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Artist Statement

I'm Excited was the first video loop and installation I ever made. Coming from a film background, I had always felt pressure to make work that linear and had plot-structure. Making this piece was my first attempt to break into the art world and appeal to a different audience, yet it still retain narrative appeal.

A nine minute video-loop appears to chronicle “the making of” the installation the viewer is standing inside. The video itself has no beginning or end, it features the essence of a reality show: minimal content inflated to the point of absurdity. The five featured players seek to relive and understand the superficial feelings they experienced while working on the sculpture they call “TV Man.” They are acutely aware of one another’s concerns, as if they are important above all else, and analyze them extensively. There is a repetitive harmony in their observations as they cycle through reflections of excitement, hunger, nervousness, and happiness during the construction process. On another screen, a group walks into a house and is surprised by their cheering friends . They have an emotional reunion, leave the house the way they came in, turn around at the sidewalk and walk right back in the house again like a 21st Century Sisyphus.


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