Game Face (2008)

Every day, people have to keep what society refers to as a “Game Face”: a face that shows a strong and self-confident person: in other words, a person who can control their emotions. In order to keep the Game Face that women have to show daily in our society,“Game Face” is a ironic tool to let it all out, for being ready and self-confident in weak moments.

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Artist Statement

My performantive pieces evoke situations and emotions in everyday life. They work as emotional prosthetics that have a self-reflective feature: Feeling vulnerable in a new environment and trying to adapt to it, this situation creates fear and comical circumstances that I fix with pieces that “supply” or satisfy a need.

I explore the concept of functionality as a material and media to create ambiguity between art, design, performance and sculpture. In addiction I use other materials like fibers, electronics and found objects that combine with traditional art techniques such as drawing, sewing, photograph and video. Through my work I create ironic links between communication and sound, feminine and identity, protection and adaptation as human condition.

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