All the better to hear your (English) with! D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) (2008)

These two pieces for the ears help the user to hear English speakers better, forcing the listener to focus on the voice of the speaker, and reduce the general noise that is in the background. Using these ear supports makes users feel like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood after hearing the comment “What big ears you have.” The response, “All the better to hear your (English) with”.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

My performantive pieces evoke situations and emotions in everyday life. They work as emotional prosthetics that have a self-reflective feature: Feeling vulnerable in a new environment and trying to adapt to it, this situation creates fear and comical circumstances that I fix with pieces that “supply” or satisfy a need.

I explore the concept of functionality as a material and media to create ambiguity between art, design, performance and sculpture. In addiction I use other materials like fibers, electronics and found objects that combine with traditional art techniques such as drawing, sewing, photograph and video. Through my work I create ironic links between communication and sound, feminine and identity, protection and adaptation as human condition.


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