Native Resonance (2010)

Native Resonance is an animated painting with an original runtime of one hour and thirty-six minutes. This is an eight minute excerpt containing four two minute scenes. The complete version is in full high definition on Blu-ray. A series of digital prints was created along with the animation. It was completed in the spring of 2010.

Full Description

Native Resonance is what I like to call an animated painting. Unlike most animations, Native Resonance moves very slowly through time. By slowing down the pace of the imagery, I hope to create a meditative experience that is more akin to viewing abstract paintings. Where the viewer is asked to be more active in his or her contemplation, as the piece itself remains inactive or in this case slightly active.

Native Resonance basically consists of two "scenes". In the first "scene" a round organic object appears, floats through the space, and finally disappears. In the second "scene", two organic objects appear, interact with one another while an army of geometric objects circle the organic shapes. Eventually, everything is absorbed into a bright white light, as the previous scene plays again, this time with an inverted color scheme.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The inspirations driving my work are rooted in an aesthetic of high contrast and dualities existing in a shared space. Through the fusion of a fluid organic space along with graphic geometric imagery, I intend to evoke a visual space that meditates on conflicts between innate/instinctual drives with rational/logical thinking. As our material world of logic and analysis seeks order and balance from our inner world of the transcendent and the ethereal.

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