Colossus (2011)

The multimedia installation "Colossus" was part of a Miri Chais solo exhibition at the Shay Arie Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel) from December 9, 2010 through January 14, 2011.

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Artist Statement

In Miri Chais’s multimedia installation "Colossus" a video stream flows towards a looming Colossus statue like “the river that issues from Eden to water the garden” [Genesis 2:10] of the Zoharic image of divine abundance or grace (shefa) which flows from ein sof (infinity) and enriches human reality. However, unlike abundance in an enlightened or spiritual sense, the river flowing through the exhibition is one of material excess.

Perpetually inundated with images, we have come to require them more and more. "The New New Men", a series of faux-ecological skulls donning gas masks, poses a challenge to the dominant consumerist culture that is habitually tempted by the new "new thing". Herein a paradox once again presents itself: The new "new thing" ages faster than ever.

The Colossus is nourished by an ever-flowing stream of symbols and images, yet he remains gaunt and feeble. Miri Chais’s figures are full of images, yet transparent and insubstantial, like ghosts from cyberspace.

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