Homestead: Part I-II (2011)

"Homestead: Part I-II" is a Machinima film which charts the demise of Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his family. A Modernist Glass House fortifies the once idyllic farm surroundings with its own "Grand Designs" inspired build your own home philosophy which eventually traps and suffocates its own occupants within its transparent labyrinth. While the architecture consumes and creates its own stress tests around its inhabitants the accompanying soundtrack charts the demise of Kevin Rudd's leadership in Australian politics and the repercussions his right-wing decisions have had on both a local and international level. From controversial topics such as "Art or Porn?", Iraq war veteran stories giving us the "truth about money and war", Kevin Rudd's attack on art in Australia to the "Fat Bastards" aussie meat-pie philosophy on pedophilia and artists, "Homestead: Part I-II" humorously takes aim at the rise of conservatism and the repercussions that this ism produces. It ends with Death silently standing vigil in his hooded costume, looking out into the quite serene suburban landscape, contemplating what kind of future may lay in waiting for us all.

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HDTV, PAL, Stereo, 16:9, 16.21mins, 2010

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  • Year Created: 2011
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Sunday Sep 4th, 2011
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • chrishowlett, primary creator
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