GLASGOW STYLES, Myriam Thyes, 2009. Series with ten groups of photographs. About 90 images in all, C-prints on aluminium DiBond, each 60 x 40 cm (and a few different formats). Shot in August and September 2008 during an artist's residency in Glasgow (granted by the cities of Dusseldorf and Glasgow). Digitally edited and finished in 2009.

Full Description

This series of photos and photomontages reflect my impressions of the post-industrial city of Glasgow and her inhabitants. I try to draw a social portrait and to create a kind of contemporary "Historienbilder" (historical paintings). The current modernisation and reorganisation of the city stands in sharp contrast to the residential periphery with its high-rises and small family homes, and as well to the living scottish traditions, like pipe-bands and highland games. While a part of the population works hard and with enthusiasm transforming Glasgow into a centre for services, tourism and culture (see: Lanes), many descendants of the former working class remain without jobs and depend on social security. The formerly many and important dockyards for shipbuilding, for example, now only get a few commissions from the military ... The narrow lanes in the centre of Glasgow alternate with the larger roads and show the "backs" of the goodly victorian blocks - here employees have a cigarette and coffee break, a chat, beside the rubbish containers. The omnipresence of surveillance cameras, even in the most humble residential areas, struck me as much as the high number of (too) young mothers. In the typical scottish weather with its fast changing light I caught views of buildings, people and urban accessories. I combined photos to diptychs, triptychs and groups, and I used some photomontage: I placed large persons - which I had photographed with tele lens in the shopping zone - "back into their living area". This and the geometrical image formation give these series a certain monumentality and strength.

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  • Year Created: 2009
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Sep 7th, 2011
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  • Work Credits:
    • Myriam Thyes, primary creator
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